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10 Things You Can Do To Stop Coliseum$cam

June 22, 2011

1. Keep informed what is going on with Coliseum$cam.

2. Let others know about the vote and why they should vote now

3. If you expect to be away August 1st, request an absentee ballot. Every vote will count.  I expect a close vote.  Do you want to lose by one vote and it was yours?

4. Distribute flyers.

5. Write Newsday, Long Island Business News, and your local community newspapers opposing Coliseum$cam.

6. Tell the organizations you belong to that they should oppose it.

7. Attend public events about the Mangano-Wang scheme.  Make your voice known.

8. Suggest other good ideas.  I want to know what you think.

9. Contact radio and tv shows that deal with public issues telling them about Coliseum$cam and this blog.  Suggest having guest.

10. If you can afford an ad, place one in a publication to oppose the scheme.


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One Comment
  1. Patrick DeCanio permalink

    And how much do you think your taxes will go up if this doesn’t happen. Stop the B.S.

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