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Let Charles Wang Do It

June 23, 2011

Instead of borrowing $400 million with an estimated $433 million in interest payments (total $833 million!), Nassau County should sell the Coliseum.  If Charles Wang thinks the renovated Coliseum is such a great proposition, let him renovate it and develop the area on his own dime (or many dimes in this case).

Why should the County government own sports and convention facilities in the first place?

Stop wasting money. No sports welfare for one of the 400 richest Americans. Separate sports and state.

–Richard Cooper, Vice-Chair Libertarian Party of New York   Coordinator, Stop Nassau Coliseum Funding campaign.


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  1. Where were you when Wang was offering to pay the freight with the Lighthouse Project?

  2. Christina Visconti permalink

    Wang OFFERED to pay for the whole thing himself and Nassau REFUSED. This is a great thing for ALL of Long Island and it should happen.

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