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Campaigns For And Against Coliseum Funding Vote

July 8, 2011

Today’s 7/8/11 Newsday article by Robert Brodsky notes our efforts.

How much taxpayers money is going into the propaganda from the Mangano administration?

We have only begun to fight the legalized theft by the Mangano-Wang scheme team.   Sell it!


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  1. Steve H permalink

    “Legalized theft?” “DisInformation Meetings” “Coliseumscam” “Report any threats or intimidation by violence”

    You sure engage in a lot of slander and sensationalistic posturing to get your position across, Robert. I wonder why that is? Sheesh…from the tone of this blog, you are the last person I would go to for honest and open dialogue on this subject. And If anyone committed “violence or intimidation”, you would be the first one I would suspect as having committed it.

    You simply sound angry, woefully ignorant about the subject, and quite frankly, a little dangerous.

  2. Jesus permalink

    Well as that convincing as that Dolan article is its wrong Nassau county will only lose money if the referendum doesn’t pass dumbass next time you make a website maybe it should be about something you know about

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