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Remember Bastille Day, Stop Coliseumscam

July 14, 2011

July 14th is Bastille Day when the French people,

oppressed by high taxation, regulation and the

overbearing arrogance of the aristocracy stormed

 the Parisian prison known as the Bastille. The

building served as a symbol of their oppression.

Nassau residents, especially taxpayers, should

view the Coliseum as a symbol of their oppression

by high taxation, regulation and the

overbearing arrogance of the political class.  The

arrogance is typified by a stealth vote that has

been scheduled for Monday, August 1st, 18 days

from today, instead of the September primary or

November general election dates.  The $2 million

cost will be assumed by the beneficiary of

Coliseumscam but only if the vote goes his way.

The customary postcard mailing to inform voters

of their polling place and the date will not be made

as the $500,000 would cost too much.  So, Wang

isn’t volunteering to pay that!  Yet the county finds

the money to pay for a so-called “informational”

flyer.  See today’s Newsday

7/14/11 Celeste Hadrick .

Coliseumscam is legalized theft.  Ultimately,

government rests on force, the police and the jailer.

Here, instead of protecting members of the public,

the government is taking their property (money

here, land in eminent domain) and giving it to

someone else.  It is legal but it is still theft in the

Libertarian view.  In this case, the principal

beneficiary is Computer Associates founder

Charles Wang, one of the 400 richest people

on earth. 

The Libertarian alternative is that the Coliseum be

sold and the owners pay.  If you want a sports

facility, YOU pay for it. Don’t draft others to pay.

Separate sports and state.


We need regime change in Washington, Albany

and Nassau. Let us start by rejecting the scheme

which should be called Coliseumscam.  When

possible, vote Libertarian  The American Revolution was partly

about fighting privilege.  Let us continue the fight

for individual liberty, free markets and personal



Richard Cooper






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  1. I support the new coliseum plan, and I’d like to make some points:

    Nassau County owns the Coliseum, not Charles Wang. Why should Wang pay $400 mil for a coliseum he doesn’t own when he can simply take the team, which he does own, somewhere else. He pays rent now, he’ll just go pay rent somewhere else, and it won’t be in Nassau County.

    Sure Wang will benefit from a new coliseum, but local businesses and workers benefit from the coliseum, too. When the Islanders leave, the thousands of people who come every week to see them play will be going elsewhere. That’s fewer people buying there will be thousands fewer people spending money in the area at the local restaurants, shops, bars, gas stations, hotels, train lines, buses, taxis, etc.

    Speculatively, this may even draw another pro team to the area, which will draw more business to the area also.

  2. at the CFL meeting you had a lot of good bullet point facts. do you have anything like that on this website?

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