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Coliseum Issue Short-Changed

July 29, 2011

Where were the debates?  Did the League of Women Voters hold a debate? Did the chambers of commerce? Did News 12?

News 12 Long Island Talks had one half hour with Wang, Mangano, versus County Legislator Wink and a representative from the Association for a Better Long Island.   Is that enough to borrow $400,000,000 when the county already has an outstanding debt of $1,800,000,000 ($1.8 billion).

Not only was the timing of this referendum on a Monday in August intended to depress turnout, but the Mangano-Wang scheme team knew in advance when they were going to announce and what date they would pick.

How many months ahead of time did they have to draw up advertising, publicity and so-called “public information” materials at the county’s, Wang’s or the Islanders’ expense?

The Mangano-Wang scheme team had the tactical advantage.  Mangano says it was necessary to have the vote in August to avoid the silly season.  Who is trotting out athletes, actors and musicians with guys in Islanders jerseys and hard hats telling us how to vote.

We are having a stealth election so the Mangano-Wang schemers can steal taxpayer money legally.  Corporate welfare means aid for dependent billionaires.

Instead, we need to follow the policies of individual liberty, private property and free markets. Sell the Coliseum and the development rights to the highest bidder.

Vote No on August 1st and reject Coliseumscam.  -30-


Richard Cooper


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